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MCServerVote is an innovative server listing and voting service designed with speed and ease-of-use at the forefront.

Our website is completely custom and constantly evolving with new features.

Also, be sure to join our Discord server to meet the community, recommend new features and keep up-to-date!

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Unlike many voting services, we do not require an account for most of our features, so you can explore the website and the servers without registering!

But, what can an account do for you?

Sponsored Servers

Why buy a Sponsored Slot?

How do I get a Sponsored Slot?


On MCServerVote, we use a virtual currency called 'rubies'. If you're signed in, your rubies balance is visible in the navigation bar.

Rubies can be earned when players vote on your server, and, once the store is released, you will be able to purchase them via PayPal.