Stellar Mc (Rank #4)


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Server Information General Information
▸ Server Name Stellar Mc
▸ Server IP
▸ Server Version 1.8
▸ Server Rank 4
▸ Server Votes All Time: 14 | Monthly: 0 | Daily: 0
▸ Server Owner XxPermaxX
▸ Server Gamemode Factions
▸ Online Now 1/1
Last pinged: 08/01/2019 17:35:29
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server description

Cracked MInecraft players can now join Stellar...

Our main love is Factions, and factions just got a HUGE awesome makeover! just reset so what could be better then a fresh factions server where you could win an easy $150 cad paypal money and in store credit! Small server =easy money???


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