Spooncraft | Survival (Rank #3)


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Server Information General Information
▸ Server Name Spooncraft | Survival
▸ Server IP play.spooncraftmc.com
▸ Server Version
▸ Server Rank 3
▸ Server Votes All Time: 131 | Monthly: 26 | Daily: 1
▸ Server Owner spoonerj
▸ Server Gamemode Survival
▸ Online Now 0/99
Last pinged: 08/01/2019 17:35:34
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▸ Server Website https://store.spooncraftmc.com
▸ Server Webstore https://spooncraftmc.com

server description

This is a Survival based server. Our community is focused on building and creativity, and we maintain a vanilla 1.13 PvP anywhere outside of Spawn. Join us for some awesome game play with friendly players and staff! 

We believe Minecraft is a game for players to feel free to explore in and build amazing new landscapes. To make our server unique we use Region Posts to allow easier movement between different areas of the world, founding new cities and creating new landscapes. use the Region Posts to keep track of where you are with handy directional signs! They also allow players to /visit another player or region. You'll also find advanced items for players who want more than the vanilla style game play but these features are designed to work right alongside vanilla crafting to expand the game without using mods. 

The staff has worked very hard to create a place for players of any style, at any level of experience, to come and enjoy playing survival mode. 

Spooncraft is designed by players, for players. 

+ journeymap and optifine are approved, 
+ ask a mod if you have questions about using a mini map 

- No hacks, glitched or cracked clients. No bullying or hate speech. 
- No X-ray type modifications or resource packs. 
- No Mods that would affect gameplay other than intended for vanilla survival. 

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